Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's not that I've run out of ignorance, but...

...I have run out of time, at least till Christmas is over. So I thought I might leave a couple of links to things you might be ignorant of. How's that for a concept? Both do relate to our current festive season, by the way.

First, a Christmas tale from a blog that's new to me, but apparently has a rabid fan base. Can't remember exactly how I came across Hyperbole and a Half--was it you Kathleen?--but I know I'll be following it hereafter. (Yes, the picture has been swiped from that blogger. I hope that the fact that I'm advertising it will suffice.)

And then, though I've already posted about this on another blog, I can't resist repeating that we are all having a rollicking good time over at Do Some Damage, reading Christmas Noir--or at least each writer's idea of what Christmas Noir might look like. You may see some familiar names there as things roll along, and a certain power hitter has the Christmas day honors.

Happy holidays everyone. I'll be checking in  at all the usual places.


  1. Oh, now you've got me curious as to who is doing Christmas day. I can't wait to read it.

  2. I'm not sure if you've read him, Glenna, but I have and he's good. I just hope I have a little time to hop on a computer.

  3. Hi Seana, merry christmas!
    Sorry for having disappeared so abruptly, but lots of things happened, including accident, hospital, change of job, and total computer breakdown on top of that... and now I've less time for the internet.
    But I've suggested a couple of guys who wanted to learn English to have a look at your blog

    Ps I've changed my mail, I had a lot of problems with the older one my new one is giubbani (at)

  4. Seana

    Oooh look who's popped in...

    Merry Christmas Seana!

  5. Marco, it makes my Christmas Eve that you've checked back in. Even if you only get online occasionally, please do let us all know how you're doing from time to time. I would warn those students to take my English with a grain of salt, however.

    Adrian, I wish you and yours the best as well.

  6. Seana, you're right, I haven't read him yet, I do have two of his books, however, just waiting.

  7. I've only read Dirty Sweet so far, but I've got Everybody Knows... in my TBR pile. Definitely going to bump it up the list for the new year.