Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Good Day for Liars

I promise that the ignorance will be on display again shortly. But thanks to a meme from Kathleen Kirk of Wait!I Have a Blog?!, instead, I have a quiz for you. Which of these five statements is true? (There is only one.)If you want, you can post your answer below. If you already know the answer, as some of you might, please try to leave some room for guessing. All will be revealed before I put up the next post.

A. I once spent a long night at the police station after what began as an innocent evening of got a little out of control.

B. My great-great-great uncle is Alexander Graham Bell.

C. During a stay in Paris, I had a brief but tempestous fling with a French mime. It ended with my departure from the City of Light, due to lack of communication.

D. At one point in my checkered past, I was a member of an international smuggling ring.

E. I have a Swiss bank account, for reasons you don't need to know about.

To complete the meme, I must tag five others, and this is always difficult, as I'd hate to give anyone a sense of obligation about the whole thing. Still, it is a form of publicity, so try and look at it that way, and only do this if it sounds fact if I didn't tag you and it sounds fun, let me know, and I'll pass it along here.

The rules:

1. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
2. Display the graphic from the award creator.
3. Post five facts, four of which must be lies and
4. Pass the award to five other bloggers who should follow these rules.

Tagged, then, are

I. Leslie's eat.sing.ride where she talks about all of these aspects of her multi-faceted life and which she's currently 'broadcasting' from Hawaii.

II.Inspirations from Glenna, who seems very serene for a gun-tottin', dog lovin' PTA mom from Texas, and who I think writes excellent book reviews.

III. Sean Patrick Reardon's Mindjacker blog. Sean's been lying a bit low at the moment, so I hope all's well with him in the chilly east, and that he's just holed up working on his next novel.

IV.Absolutely*Kate's At the Bijou. A*K and I have gotten to know each other a bit lately through taking part in various story challenges that have come our way, largely through the above mentioned Mr. Reardon. She may be too busy running the Fab Feb Film Fest over at her place to take part, but you should check it out. She's got a swingin' Valentine's Day tale up right now.

V.Finally, I'll tag a blog that's new to me since the holiday season, Jen's Book Thoughts. Jen was my not so secret Santa at a bloggers holiday exchange, and boy did I rake in the loot. Jen likes crime. Lots and lots of crime. Crime readers of the female persuasion particularly should check out her "Most Wanted" wall.


  1. I pick C :). The other options are just too outlandish and must be false.

    I'll follow your lead, but I can only tag 2 people, and I fear neither of them will respond...wait, can I tag a repeat of yours? Maybe I'll go ahead and torture poor Sean and give him double duty.

  2. I've just been to your blog and am impressed that you could think up all those lies so quickly. Hmm, maybe I'm wrong and it's not the twin who's evil one.

    Yeah, poor Sean.

  3. I want to vote for all 5, because of delightfulness, but I am going with B, for Bell. Call me.

  4. As cool as D & B would be, I'm going to go with A

  5. I don't ever do chain-ey things (sorry, Seana), but I will vote, if that's allowed: Definitely number 1, as I used to TP houses on a regular basis in high school, and did worry about the cops. I was lucky and never did get caught. It was actually a badge of honor to get TPed.

  6. The answer is E.

    Incidentally I have been arrested TWICE for drugs smuggling. Once in Dublin and once in Liverpool. Innocent both times.

  7. I say nothing, which is just what my friend Pierre...uh, never mind.

    It is possible that they are all lies or all the truth, because who ever said I play by the rules?

    No problem, Leslie. Thanks for guessing anyway.

    Adrian, this is ringing a bell. Wrong place, wrong time, or what exactly?

  8. Dublin, I had a trace amount of coca leaves that alerted the sniffer dog and I was hauled off.

    Liverpool the guy I was travelling with was in fact smuggling drugs.

  9. Oh. So it wasn't just the accent or the hair.

  10. My moustache in the Liverpool incident did not help matters. In fact I've found that only rarely does a moustache help matters. The Selleck/Reynolds exceptions are duly noted.

  11. What about the Frida Kahlo exception?
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  12. I'm not going to touch that one, Peter.

    I will agree that moustaches rarely improve the underlying situation. And I don't really understand what men are trying to express with them, other than they can grow one.

  13. Bryan Cranston said that his moustache in season 1 of Breaking Bad was supposed to express impotence which sounds about right.

  14. The sponging gigolo in The Thin Man has a mustache, which probably buttresses the general thesis being advanced in the present discussion.

  15. That wouldn't be a very good advertisement for a gigolo, though, would it?

  16. What does a dyslexic criminal hope for? My current v-word: abili

    Yeah, the gigolo in the movie version of The Thin Man is an advertisement for the type, all right. I'm trying to remember if Hammett gave him a moustache in the novel.

  17. Peter I just busted out laughing at that v word. Yep,I'm easily amused.

  18. Yes, Peter, you have a real alibity with these v-words.

    Okay, the answer to yesterday's quiz, as there seem to be no further takers. SPOILER AHEAD:

    Although, I did in fact participate in that American pastime, TPing, and though we were stopped by the police a couple of times, we managed not to provoke them enough to put us in the slammer.

    And, although my last name is Graham, and it's quite likely that there is some distant relation, I'm pretty sure he is not my great great great uncle, mainly by the fact that I have not inherited a share of his fortune.

    Though a man did once run across the street in Paris and kiss me, he was not Parisian--Egyptian, now I think about it--showed no propensity for mime, and in any event, this did not lead to any torrid romance, though actually I think we were in a hurry to go see the Rodin museum, where I believe we viewed The Kiss, which is certainly an example of choosing art over experience.

    And I do not have a Swiss bank account, although even if I did I would hardly broadcast the fact over the internet, would I?

    Therefore, the answer is D. Yes, I was a member of an international smuggling ring.

    When one says smuggling, everyone leaps to the thought of drugs, guns, or human contraband. Why, oh why do they never think of cheap Italian sunglasses and posters of rock stars? Certainly there was a lively trade in these artifacts of high Western culture on the Italian/Yugoslav border before the war.

    By a strange sequence of events, my friend and I ended up on that border and helping some Bosnian boys who did a black market trade in goods of this kind. How we ended up deciding to help them out is too much to say here, but let's just say that a fair amount of their "product" ended up in our belongings. Having our passports taken from us and being escorted off the train while all our belongings, plus contraband remained on it was, shall we say, our initiation.

    It was also our first and last mission.

    I forgot to mention that there was a one million dollar prize for anyone who guessed correctly. I was going to withdraw it from National Bank of Switzerland account #...shoot, I forget.

  19. Rats, I was sure I was right. What girl doesn't love a good mime, I mean, after all, they never talk back.

  20. Very nice! A guy who knows how to show a gal a good mime!
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"