Sunday, April 3, 2011


This post does not beg any questions, but simply is a question. Do people that read this blog with any regularity wish I had a followers' gadget on here? I don't mind putting one on if it helps anyone else, but since it's not really the way I keep up with the blogs I like, I haven't felt the necessity. I've added a subscriber button recently, because some of my friends and family are not on Blogger but like a reminder now and then. So I'm reconsidering the follower gadget too. Let me know if you have any opinion whatsoever about this. If I hear nothing, I'll just leave this as it is.

Also, if you wish I would follow your blog instead of just reading it, let me know, either here or by my readily available email, and I will add you. It doesn't mean I'll read you any more that way, but  I'm game.

Up to a point.


  1. I follow you and have you in my blogroll, so I have two ways of keeping up with you. As to your question, it doesn't matter to me. I always appreciate your comments and feel honored to have you visit my blog!

    Hmm, I am interested in your Subscribe gadget. Should I add it to my blog?! I am so technologically challenged, I don't quite know what it means, or its advantages or disadvantages.

  2. I really don't pay attention to the "Followers" gadget. I know on my blog I do show the followers. I really don't follow blogs, but I do track the ones I follow using the blog roll feature. That way I get the latest updates and can keep track of who has posted recently.

  3. I just added the "Followers" gizmo to some of my blogs out of curiosity. And it gives me an excuse to thank people for following, from time to time.

    However, it does then lead to the awkward question as to whether one should also follow them.

    The social networking aspect of Twitter is not unlike this. I don't follow other people's blogs and so could end up looking like a bit of a Prima Donna.

  4. In fact, now that I have looked more closely, I do actually have a list of blogs I follow while wearing the Widgetinghour hat.

    Just goes to show how little attention I pay to this feature.

  5. Seana,

    I tend to keep up with other's blogs from the blog roll on my sidebar instead of who I'm following. I think the "following" gadget is more an ego thing...and that said, you're welcome to follow mine, I'll take all the ego boosting I can get.

  6. Hey, thanks for the quick input, you guys. It sounds like we all operate pretty much the same way with this stuff. I think I'll leave the gadget off for now but I'll be happy to 'follow' yours, in case it helps.

  7. Added you to my blog roll too, Maria, which I had been remiss about before.

  8. I don't need no stinkin' gadgets to follow you, my dear...

  9. Thanks, Leslie. Finn was tonight and Cathy has kind of got us up to speed,which is all I'll say in this particular format. Looking forward to seeing you guys before too long.

  10. As this gem of a muse in time was linked in AT THE BIJOU, how could I not make the meander over? And grinnn I have been. Thoughtful responses for a deserving dame of pen.

    But precious be the "widgetinghour hat" phrase I dug from Photographe a Dublin. You follow your gut Lady G. It bespeaks your intuitions well. (Was that just a double-positive?)

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Absolutely*Kate, and throwing some word magic dust on us.

    I have to say that I really don't understand how those links work. I find this post has links to other posts I've written here, but whether this is following my own progress or someone else's I really do not know. Anyway, I'm happy enough if it lured you on over this way.

  12. Dear serene Seana,

    Some times, nay, most times, ours is not to ponder how the *magic* plays ... just to let it.

    Grinnnin' at ya,
    and do follow your sagacity in my meanders now that I'm back in town from my Mother's heart valve surgerying ~ Absolutely*Kate

  13. I hope your mom's doing well, A*K.

    And your advice is sound, especially for someone so untechinclined as me.