Sunday, June 19, 2011

blogger help

This is more by the way of a public service announcement than a true confession of ignorance. A lot of problems seem to be arising with blogger lately, and one I've heard a lot is the inability to sign in, or to comment, etc. If this is something that's happening to you, it might help to uncheck the 'stay signed in' option when you come to that crossroads. (One way to to get to it, since even that isn't easy, is to go to the comments part of your own or someone else's blog and try to comment, which will take you to the sign in place.) Paradoxically, once you've unchecked the box, you will then stay signed in. You will have to sign in again only when you have actually left Google by, say closing all your windows or logging off or whatever. This is a lot better than having to try to sign in every time you want to say anything. I would doubt that this is an actual solution but I have since read other people offering it, so give it a shot.


  1. You're welcome, especially if it works!

  2. Seana

    I'm almost at the point of giving up on blogger. I wont be switching to WordPress, I'll just give up the blog. What was once a fun little diversion at the end of the day has become increasingly a source of irritation. I hope Google gets it sorted out but I'm not optimistic.

  3. Well, that would be a sad day for the rest of us, but it's not like I wouldn't understand.

  4. I think it would be a pity if Adrian gave up just because the system is faulty.

    I have on and off moments with Blogger, but use Wordpress as a rather puzzling backup.

    There is nothing stopping you having both.

    As for staying signed in, I have become minimalist in my desire to cut back on bandwidth use, just to see if it is possible.

  5. I shouldn't speak for him, but I think as is the case with many bloggers, the reservations may go somewhat deeper.

    Yes, that's a good point about bandwidth.