Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth

Although I wrote this up for my  story related blog I thought I'd put it up on a couple of my other blogs as well. Have a great holiday.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everyone. In honor of the day (though largely by coincidence), I've made my self-published novella The Bird Watchers available again. The real reason this is all happening now is that has offered people the option of getting a proof copy of a new  work, and while I've been working on that, which is actually a sequel to this one, I realized that I might as well make this one available again too. "For a limited time only" as they say, the book will be available at cost, or as a free download. At some point I'll probably boost the price a dollar or so but for now, I'd be interested in comments from anyone who wants to take the time. As a self-published book, it's got all the flaws that come with the territory, but more people than just my mother seemed to have liked it the first time around, so give it a go if you'd like.    
The link at Lulu is HERE .

(I also don't know if the download works as a true ebook, but there's nothing to lose by trying it out.) 


  1. Many congratulations, Seana.

    I'll download the book over the weekend. At the moment, the garden calls.

  2. Cool beans, I'll check out. Maybe it'll work on my Kindle.

  3. Thanks, you guys. I'd be surprised if it works on Kindle but if it does, it would be nice to know.

    Also,don't feel any obligation if it's not your kind of thing. I really just put it up because I was kind of surprised that I still had it in a private file on Lulu, and I had wanted to make it available and was happy to see it would be so easy.

  4. Seana, not obligation, curiosity. Although it doesn't sound like the type of story I would normally pick, I'm up for something different and I've enjoyed your shorter stories in the past.

  5. Thanks, Glenna.

    Well, if you take advantage of the free download, I can safely say you will not regret a penny you've spent.

  6. Your story is really enjoyable, Seana.

    I'll be sending copies round to friends.

    Just goest to show how useful the Internet is for helping writers to share their work.

    Thank you.

  7. Thanks, for taking the time to read it, Maria.

    Yeah, this was one that seems to have a little life of its own and who am I to prevent it from flying where it will?