Sunday, August 21, 2011

Absolute Zero Cool

Posted a new review of Declan Burke's much anticipated Absolute Zero Cool over at Not New for Long.
(Well, much anticipated in the circles I frequent, anyway.)

It's cool, all right.


  1. I'm working my way through this one and enjoying it, although I admit, I've had a little trouble with it at times. It's a very interesting story though, and point of view. Here's to hoping that now that the kids are back in school things will slow down and I can actually find time to read again...except, I've gained a 17 year old over the summer so maybe not...but I can hope right?

  2. Uh, not to pry, but how do you gain a seventeen year old? Sounds like you've got a houseful.

  3. Well, I can't go too much into it but the short version is that my 17 year old sister in law realized the conditions she was being forced to live in weren't normal, or healthy. She's been allowed to move in with us. And yes, jumping from 2 kids to 3 overnight does make things interesting.

  4. I salute you for giving her some options. Sometimes that's all it takes at that age.

    And I do hope you get some reading time back once the regular routine of the school year begins. Even though there are no kids in this house, it's been a busy summer and I am kind of looking forward to a more rational pace myself.

  5. I've heard of this young man. He sounds intriguing.