Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day round up

It's somewhat ironic to work on Labor Day, but that's retail for you. For some reason I was very busy with the blogs yesterday, though, and so I thought I'd post a few links. There's a review of Tove Jansson's very wonderful The Summer Book, a cool video of how microlending looks on a map, and the links to two very different hunting stories.


  1. Here's to you finding something resembling your dream job, Kathleen.

    One with actual holidays would be nice...

  2. I think that many appreciate the efforts made by people who keep shops open during public holidays.

    This interview might be a consolation for anybody in the book trade at the moment...


  3. I probably shouldn't get into the politics of what it takes to keep those shops open these days.

    I don't really mind working holidays usually, especially if I am just going to be in town anyway.

    I like those Jason Ramirez covers. It's interesting that he sort of drifted into the job rather than setting his sights on it specifically. I was amused by the lines, "I first went to college in upstate New York with the intention to eventually study medicine. Four years later, after a near-fatal rendezvous with organic chemistry, I graduated with a degree in comparative religious studies."

    That is a very Santa Cruz kind of path.