Monday, November 21, 2011

Wild Turkey

Yeah, I know some people are wishing I was going to be talking about the bourbon. In a slight departure here, mainly because I don't have time right now to do a proper post, I thought I'd pass along a really enchanting show form Nature that I happened upon on PBS last night, that by happy chance is also being made available for free on line.

It's the story of a natural scientist who decided to hatch and 'mother' a brood of wild turkeys. You really could not have a more delightful and down to earth guy than Joe Hutto, who tells his own story in the film. Some people might sound a little crazy in taking this on, but by acknowledging that he may have 'gone native' a bit, he pulls us into his undertaking pretty deeply ourselves.

Without further ado, then,  My Life as a Turkey .

( I hope people outside the U.S. can watch this. Really not sure of its range.)


  1. What are the origins of "cold turkey" and "talking turkey"?

  2. Good questions, which I will take up after the blasted holiday weekend is over.

  3. Yup

    Vid Works. And its good stuff.

    I still dont think I understand the difference between bourbon and whisky and I know I should.

  4. Another good topic to look into for the near future, although if I look into it too much I'm might not be able to write very coherently.

    The hazards of blogging, I suppose.

  5. yep i gave it a whirl and it paid off...good stuff.
    uggghh..wild turkey sent me bananas one cold grey september afternoon 15 years ago...we shall not speak of it again

  6. Peter...the origins of cold turkey come from the chill that opiate users get when attempting to kick their habit...the skin gets clammy and goosebumpy...dunno why they dont call it cold goose (???)

  7. and finally...

  8. Great stuff, Dan. I was actually planning on putting up a post about some of the things that have come out of this post, and you've done a lot of the work for me already!

    Watch this space...