Monday, January 23, 2012

Graham Gets Grimm Again

The man on the right is Rick Kleffel, but the man on the left isn't me.*
One of these days I'm going to whip this blog back into shape, but in the meantime, I thought it might be interesting for some of you who've never actually met me to hear me blather on about the Grimm Tales anthology that I have a story in, along with about sixteen other more accomplished crime writers. Not that you have to listen too closely to anything I have to say, but it can be fun to hear a voice behind the printed word.

Rick Kleffel is a local interviewer and reading enthusiast extraordinaire with the occasional spot on NPR, and we've talked a time or two before, so  I wasn't too shy about strong-arming my way onto his show. I really like his interview style, which is to treat every interview as if it was important and to be well prepared for each of them. I often listen to his show on Sunday evenings here, and there's a uniformly high standard to his questions. You can catch many of his shows in the KUSP archives, or at his own website The Agony Column . 

The good think about listening to my interview is that you'll get about 45 minutes of the great Sara Paretsky first.

*(It is Guillermo del Toro).


  1. Way to go classy author lady Graham of Grimm. Going to "hear you out" in the morning but before a late-night crash, had to heartily salute you spreading the good word on . . . words, (of course).

    Something tells me Sara Paretsky shall be telling the world of YOU.

    Me? I'll grin wide at GRIMM TALES.

    ~ One of your fellow authors, where fairytales go on a crime-spree

    ~ Absolutely*Kate ~ "YOU DIRTY RATS"

  2. Wow! That was cooler than cool and you did so well. What a great overall presentation. This was a real treat, thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Terrific interview, Seana! (I doubt I could be as articulate as you were.) I feel like a dolt that I didn't recognize the story as Puss 'n Boots, but then again, I had forgotten that that was one of the Bros. Grimm stories. I really like what you said about the community aspect of writing in this brave new world of e-publishing.

  4. Thanks all of you for checking it out. Kate and Sean, I plan to do an email about it to our fellow anthologists, but I'll say to you here as well that radio interviews tend to be a little like improv and though I tried to get in a bit more about everyone else, I didn't altogether succeed.

    A particular thanks to you, Sean, for getting the challenge published in the first place.

    Leslie, yeah, I changed the title to try and give everyone more of a clue, but in a way I'm glad it wasn't completely obvious.

  5. Congratulations Seana. I look forward to listening to it later at home.

  6. Great, Glenna. And nice to see you around these parts again. I know you are busy these days.

  7. Speaking of fairy tales, just caught this on YouTube--a Renaissance English-style Three Little Pigs:

  8. I loved that, Leslie! I recommend it to anyone else who happens down this far...

  9. Also- My daughter and I are hooked on that new show GRIMM. Been a bit of a renewed interest in the darker fairytales on tv and books I've noticed.

  10. It's interesting, isn't it, Sean. I've been watching the other one, Once Upon a Time when it crosses my radar. I think it's fascinating that they managed to land one of my British favorites, Robert Carlyle, to play the villain in an American primetime drama.

  11. Really great interview Seana! Fun to listen to, and you are a very relaxed and professional interviewee!

    I agree, Rick is very focused and seems to have a great interest in his guests.

    Well done!

  12. Thanks, Julie.

    I very sincerely attribute it all to the host.