Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The First Line

Taking some time for some shameless self-promotion, I'll just mention that a story I wrote was accepted by The First Line  a month or so ago, and it is now published because I just got contributor copies today. I've written about this magazine on my story related blog before, but since few have read that, I'll just mention its unique concept here. Four times a year, they invite people to submit a story based on the first line of their concoction and the put out an issue of stories all beginning with that first sentence. It's a fun idea. I was pretty excited to get in this time, as I've tried a time or two before.

This isn't meant as an advertisement so much as a simple announcement, but if you want to check out this volume, you can find it at their website, or, if you're in that realm, you can even buy a copy for Kindle if you want.

Here's the line:

Sometimes, when it's quiet, I can remember what my life was like before moving to Cedar Springs.

And they've got a new one up if you want to try your own hand at this. February 1st deadline...


  1. Congratulations! I love this idea. Used to do this with poems with a couple friends. Amazing how the same line produced such different poems!

  2. Thanks, you guys. I have only had the chance to read one other story so far, but I did read the introduction and it was fascinating that the editors thought they were going to get some benign nostalgic Americana out of the line. Nope.

  3. Congrats, Seana! Just saw this post. When I get some time over the next couple of days I'll post about it on my blog (not that that will help you much!).

    Happy holidays! One of these days I'll get the fam out to the Left Coast and we'll swing by the store.

    -Brian O

  4. Thanks, Brian. I am so happy that you're surfacing for air every once and awhile to appear in the blog world again. Hope you have some thought about writing more fiction yourself soon, though I'm sure finding the time is challenging, to say the least.

    Oh, yeah, you've got to let me know if you all ever make it out this way.