Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tripoli on YouTube

My Tripoli friend came in again today, and told me of some things he'd unearthed since the last time I saw him. One of them was a YouTube upload showing Tripoli from 1964. This would have been about 10 years after my parents were there, but I bet much of this was the same for Americans abroad. I'm not sure if this is the same one he saw, but I think it must be very similar.



  1. I'm not going to lose it, I'm-not-I'm-not-I'm-not. In hindsight, perhaps I shouldn't have watched this in my local Starbucks.
    A haunting, wonderful glimpse into the everyday world my parents knew, the streets they surely walked, even if filmed several years after we came stateside.
    I sometimes wonder, if stored away somewhere amid a jumble of old memories, similar scenes are stored in my mind that I cannot access...
    ...or perhaps a bit of that is the espresso talking...

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Mark. Although I never could have had these images myself, somehow they do seem part of me. The girl who keeps appearing briefly in the side of the pictures could be my twin, bangs and reaction and all. We are so lucky to live in an age where we have access to the past like this.

  3. Seana

    Have you read the Joe Orton diaries? Its very good and the 4 or 5 pages on their trip to Tripoli in the late 60s is worth the price of admission alone.

  4. Adrian, I haven't, but will put them on the list. You didn't get to Libya, did you? I know you made it to Tunesia.

  5. Each post on Tripoli is as though a little missing piece is being added to fill in the picture of what I was too young to remember --I can't tell you how thrilling it is to go over them again and again.

  6. Mark, did you happen to notice on the original Wheelus post that John Rogers just added on being one of the last airmen to leave Libya? I don't know if you flag the comments there, but it's only about seven posts down, due to the format I had to use to set this up at some point when Google was wonky. It's in reply to the Peter Irlenborn post if you haven't seen it.