Thursday, July 4, 2013

Literal Meanings of Placenames of the World

Hey, this is a pretty cool link to a map of the world that has the literal meanings of all those place names. Not entirely unrelated to my quest here, so enjoy while I get my act together.

 Thanks, Slate!

Oh, and for some reason my Windows browser won't open things like maps from Slate, which is pretty odd when you stop to think about it. But it worked fine in Firefox.


  1. I've had fun with place names on visits to Ireland since I learned the meanings of rath, mor, and carrick. I also notice the prevalence of certain fragments in place names in various parts of Europe, -nac in Brittany, -ac in south central France.

  2. What always strikes me is how basic the names tend to be. It's just disguised by foreign or antiquated language. It's the same with surnames, really.