Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drones Arrive at Steamer Lane--the video

I'm headed out for a few days tomorrow and though I'm not headed into the wilderness or anything, I doubt I'll be doing a blog post till I get back.

If you are diligent or bored enough to scroll down through the various blogs I write, you might notice one I put up called  Drone Off, which is just a round up of various drone news I hear. Basically, I'm agin' 'em. I think their deployment is morally corrosive to our government and ultimately to our society as a whole. But every once in awhile you come across some positive aspect of them.

Such is the case with this video which I learned about through our local paper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel. It's a very beautiful short film, somewhat dreamlike, taken from  a "quad copter" at one of most famous surf spots in Santa Cruz, Steamer Lane. More about the film and the film maker, Eric Cheng can be found here.

I'll be back with the usual barrage of ignorance soon.


  1. Since I myself had nothing to do with its greatness, I have to agree, Jere.

  2. Seana, if your sister is still interested in things Japanese, you might call her attention to this recent Japan-related DBB post.