Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hour of Code

It's computer science education week, everyone. There's a national push to teach a lot of students how to write code. I can write a little HTML, but that's about it. It actually seems really fun, and you're never to old to learn, so why not jump in? Admittedly, it's a pretty busy season to add something new to the list, but if you want to procrastinate the various holiday tasks, why not do it by writing a little code? I know I will be.

Here's the very short intro video:

And here's the web page if you just want to get started...


  1. I finally gave up on HTML and decided to try Modern Greek again.

    I'm not sure which is worse...

    But thanks for the encouraging links. There's always next year.

    1. I actually took a whole class on HTML some years back. I can't say it ever came in handy, while a little basic instruction on how to form links has been useful. But I like it in a nonpractical sort of way. It is a bit like doing puzzles.

      I also studied Ancient Greek for a year, and said to say that hasn't come in very handy either.