Friday, February 28, 2014


A drabble is a very short piece of fiction of exactly one hundred words. It's origin is apparently not related to the novelist Margaret Drabble, which is too bad, but comes instead from the Birmingham University Science Fiction Society, which lifted the word though not its terms from Monty Python's Big Red Book, which is nice in its own way. Though in that book a drabble contest was apparently of the "how fast can you write a novel?" variety, the Birmingham U Society apparently "re-purposed" the term a bit to fit their busy student lives.

In drabble contests there are often both theme and time constraints.

All this is just a round about way of saying that I entered a drabble challenge over at Jack Bates' Flash Jab Fiction. There was no clock on this one except "by the end of this month", but there was a very imagination provoking picture. So head on over HERE and check out what minds with criminal tendencies came up with. You have to scroll down a ways to start reading them, but you'll get there.

 Margaret Drabble when not yet a Dame, just a lass.