Thursday, April 3, 2014


No, not me. I'm just the same as always, and let's just say that dealing with the bureaucracies of both Covered California and the IRS in the same season does not find me at my best. So I'm a little caught up in other things at the moment, but after posting the "Happy in Tripoli" YouTube on my last post, I couldn't resist posting a cover of the same song. I have to say that this is the first time ever that I have actually found a certain former vice-presidential candidate appealing, not to mention a good sport.

And since I'm on vice-presidents, I must mention the description of our actual vice-president, Joe Biden, who was characterized on the Rachel Maddow show the other night as "the joyful id of this administration".

I'd like to be the joyful id of something. But it doesn't look too likely in this lifetime.


  1. Oddly enough, Adrian M. said after watching a documentary about her that she came across as an appealing figure. Out of her depth nationally, but a capable local politician, good family woman, etc. I wonder if, despite the status and the money, she sometimes wishes for those days again.

  2. I think men may find her way of being in the world more appealing than women do, although I guess she does have a following there as well. I've never seen her have a sense of humor about herself before.

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  5. I wonder why that is; I don't know much about her way of being.

    I do remember knowing about her a week or so before much of the rest of the country because the National Governors Association met in Philadelphia in 2008. I thought, wow, here's this young, new, attractive Republican governor who even talks about increasing taxes on the oil industry. Could be trouble for Democrats.

    Shortly thereafter, I happened to pass a television tuned to the Republican National Convention during her speech, and it was the tiredest sort of Republican boilerplate. It was disillusioning, really.

    I happened to be in Ireland at the time, and it turns out she made an impression there, too, on at least one Irish drinker. I was out having a pint with Declan Burke and a soon-to-be-published young writer named Stuart Neville, and I made way on the stairs to allow a tipsy fellow past me on his way to the gents'.

    A few minutes later, I'm back at my table with Dec and Stu, and I feel a tremendous clap between my shoulder blades, and a voice half-roaring: "You're a gentleman!"

    It was the fellow thanking me for letting him pass. And then he said: "She's cute, isn't she?"

    "Who?" I said.


  6. Like I said, her appeal is more evident to men than women. I find it amusing, since she isn't in office, that her kind of beauty pageant glamor made people completely blind to her lack of knowledge on a national or international level. But I have no doubt that she is politically savvy. She has gone a long way on what she has. And she certainly seems like someone who could learn more. But up till now, there really has been no need for her to do that.

  7. If only she had used her talent for the forces of godd rather than for the forces of evil.

  8. Do you think people were really blind to ignorance? Well, some Republicans, maybe.

  9. Well, she still has time to redeem herself.