Monday, August 24, 2015

Shatterproof quiz on prescription drug addiction

Shatterproof, a national group dedicated to ending teen drug and alcohol addiction, sent me an interesting email today. In it they invited me to take a three question quiz on prescription drug addiction. In return, they said, a donor would send them fifty cents if I completed it.

Actually, I know a little bit about how addictive prescription painkillers can be, though thankfully not from having had occasion to become addicted to them. No, I became curious abut the drug OxyContin after watching the series Justified and then coincidentally seeing a Lisa Ling report on the way the drug had eaten inroad in the Salt Lake City Mormon community.

Despite my awareness of the problem, I actually got all three questions wrong. So why don't you go on over to the quiz and see if you can beat me? It shouldn't be that hard. This donor will honor all you quiz takers with a 50 cent contribution for each completed quiz, up to a maximum of 30,000 dollars. It's really to bad I don't have 15,000 followers, but we do what we can...


  1. I just took it and I got 100 percent. I think because you got them wrong, I answered the questions the opposite way I would have normally. At any rate, it's very sad and needs to be addressed. I too watch Justified and at first thought, well, this can't really be happening in Kentucky. Super fictional. But no. On that point, I was very wrong.

  2. Thanks for showing me up, Julie.

    No really, thanks for showing me up. See? It isn't that hard to beat me, people. And think how good it will feel to rack up that fifty cents.

    If the Mormons can become addicted to Oxy, anybody can.

  3. I just realized that I should have made that sixty thousand followers, which may explain why I got all the answers wrong.

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