Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Night Watchman"

I've been away. Regular service to resume shortly. In the meantime, why don't you take a look at my friend A. M. Thurmond's short story, voted as most popular over at the M.O. this round? Now you can read it in its entirety right HERE.

cover art by Tobie Ancipink


  1. Just dropping by to say "hello", Seana.

    Best regards from Dublin, Maria

  2. Hi, Maria. I miss seeing you around the blog world. Do you have any new photography out there that we can see?

  3. I'm back blogging on Moderntwist2, but don't have much to say really. I have just discovered how efficient Google+ is and you might like to join up with me there. It's less overwhelming than Facebook, though not at lively.

    Also, my Flickr account is where I mostly share photos for public viewing and I've taken to portraiture... a steep learning curve, yet again.

  4. Here's where I'm back trying to make sense of computing:

  5. Thanks for sharing those photos and other links, Maria. I am on Google+ as well, for pretty much the same reasons you are. I don't really know how to connect there, but if you do I'd be happy to be in your circles. I clicked on your page and it showed it for a minute and then went blank, so maybe I can't see it unless we're connected.

    I think it's interesting when people take a new angle on their art, though I can understand having trepidation photographing people and having to ask permission and all that. But it's definitely worth trying to capture some of those faces. Did you happen to see the movie 'Vivian Maier'?