Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Jab Fiction 12

If you were reading here at the beginning of the month, or maybe it was the end of last one, I mentioned that I was doing a story post a day for May over at my much neglected blog Story Dump. As part of the idea of that was to try and get a couple of stories written myself, one thing has led to another and I currently have a story up at Jack Bates' Flash Jab Fiction. Jack's been offering story challenges there for awhile, often with very intriguing photographs, but this time, he gave us a bit more free rein. If you'd like to check out the story I came up with from my own Day 7 word prompt, you can find it right here .

Jack is one of my Grimm Tales compadres. Head over to Flash Jab Fiction and subscribe, why don't you?


  1. I REALLY liked this--amazing how much can be felt in such a short amount of words. Thanks Seana.

  2. Great story! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks for buzzing on over there to take a look, Kathleen.

  4. I love the instant turn around in the story. Totally unexpected. Kind of ironic that the boy's name is Trig.

    Thanks Seana!

  5. Julie, I think that the name Trig probably generated the story somehow. I don't really know how this stuff happens. But thanks for reading it!