Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Intelligent Life"--Nick Courtwright at Escape Into Life

I don't want to just fall back on links to other people's work to get by on this blog--or actually what I mean is that I want to do a little bit to disguise the fact that that's all I really do here--so I wanted to write at least one post before I did another link to an Escape Into Life poet. The fact is, though, that Nick Courtwright's "Intelligent Life" seems very apropos here. It's the second one in the selection, but I enjoyed all the poems, and there are some nice haunting photos by Kenichi Hoshine accompanying them as well...   


  1. What a strange site, Seana.

    Thank you for sharing, as ever.

  2. Hopefully not too strange, though, as I have recently cast in my lot with them.

    Great to see you popping back in here, Maria.