Thursday, October 24, 2013

The 1969 Moon Landing, or One Small Step

I know some may leap to the conclusion that this is going to be a post about whether the moon landing was faked or not. But in reality, I'm just using my "social media platform" here to brag a little. I recently participated in the One Teen Story Boot Camp, which One Story Magazine hosted. It was fun, in that they gave you about ten different elements that had to be in your story, and the moon landing was one of them. This week they posted some of their favorite uses of this detail, and mine is one of them.

I'm sure the question has come to a few minds of whether I had to fake being a teenager to participate. Luckily, no, as if I tell you I'm old enough to remember the moon landing, you will know that would have been a pretty big whopper.

Without further ado, then the One Teen Story blog post.

And yes, as one of my fellow entrants points out, wherefore art thou Apollo? 


  1. I just read your contribution, Nice note of amused resignation.

  2. Thanks, Peter. It's nice of them to put these things up as a reward for our efforts. I am very curious to see what others did with the word 'laconic'.

  3. I am very curious to see what others did with the word 'laconic'