Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Something you can do for me

I know--you think now's the time I start passing around the hat for some cause dear to me. But for some of you, it may be a good deal harder than just throwing a few dollars toward a good cause. The favor I'm asking is that, even though this is a busy season, and you're a great multi-tasker and an even better driver, please don't text and drive. I understand that it's a hardship, and you are really good at it. But you can be good at it 999 times and wreck your own life and someone else's forever on the thousandth. Please just use some self-restraint and wait until you can pull over.

And, since I probably haven't convinced you, here's a little film from none other than the great Werner Herzog, who took the time and care to make a little documentary about it a couple of years ago. Sadly, it's still relevant. Here, without further ado, is "From One Second to the Next".


  1. I will pass this on on facebook. And I don't drive and seldom text.

  2. Thanks, Patti. I'm actually in the same boat as you, so it may be a bit unfair of me. But people seem to be driving a bit crazily in my neck of the woods anyway right now, and texting seems like the last thing that needs to be added into the mix.

  3. What a great reminder for everyone. I confess that I've checked my texts (but never sent them) while driving in the past, but I knocked off that stupidity last year. Merry Christmas from Crime Classics, a new blog with humble ambitions, an open door, a welcome mat, and an inaugural posting/review.