Monday, July 25, 2016

camel and palm tree illusion

This is just a funny thing that came up when I was looking for an image for my last post. I googled "camel palm tree" and Google filled in "camel and palm tree illusion". I didn't have time to look it up till just now. Without further ado, then, the camel and palm tree illusion:

That is a rather famous one which appears on many websites. However there is yet another optical illusion involving a camel and palm trees. This one comes to you courtesy of and no, I don't know where they got it either.



  1. The first picture reminds me a bit of the famous pictures by Escher, e.g. this one:

    1. Yes, I think there is definitely an Escher influence at work here, Eva. Although I see this picture posted at many sites, I haven't been able to find mention of the artist. I'll be happy to credit him or her if anyone knows.