Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"So You're Coming to Tripoli"

When my mom died a few years ago and we were going through her possessions, we came across a little pamphlet called "So You're Coming to Tripoli". It was my intention at the time to post the cover, which is rather charming, but I didn't and don't have a camera suitable to the task and somehow the picture of it that one of my sisters took of it didn't work. So I let it go.

Just today, though, a Wheelus Airbase alum (if that's the right word) named Cathy Speegle sent me a PDF of that very booklet.

Much to my surprise, I figured out how to get it on to the Wheelus Air Base blogpost, where I think the most people who would be interested in it would find it, but as no one else is going to scroll down that far and I happen to have the link all set, I'll just say that you can find it HERE. It is very much of it's era and I'm glad to have finally fulfilled an ambition to get it posted on this blog, so thank you, Cathy. And if any of your friends from those days  should happen to see this, I hope they'll feel free to email me at the address in my profile and I will try to get you both connected.

This picture is actually from Algeria and was taken before 1900, but you get the idea...

                                                                                      Wikimedia Commons


  1. That was cool! Glad to see this, especially as a distraction from watching the RNC. Thanks Seana.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty neat, isn't it? I haven't been watching the RNC--decided I'd take a rest this week. I've been hearing all those guys all year.

  3. This is really palpable history!
    When I was a kid, there lived an old widow in my parents house whose late husband had been with the German troups im Tsingtao/China. She had a similar booklet, which I found fascinating. But alas, she is now long dead and the booklet got lost...

  4. Well, at least you got to see it, Eva. And if your life is anything like mine, you never know when a copy might resurface.