Monday, October 31, 2016

Why wouldn't you vote?

Once again, I'm not telling you how to vote, I'm just asking, why wouldn't you? It perturbs me. And trust me--you don't want to do that.

Maybe for some reason you can't see the difference between the presidential candidates this year. I don't understand that, but never mind. What I'm asking is, why wouldn't you exercise a right that others have earned for you? Forget the presidency. Well, don't, but if you must, why do you think that's all there is to voting? There are senators and representatives, both state and local, that might arguably affect your life even more. Maybe there are local officials on your ballot. Maybe there are people who will have an impact on your children's lives at school. In California, there are a ton of propositions that your vote will count on.

I was in London just about ten years ago now. I went on a tour with a great local guide, and she took us in the course of the walk to a statue dedicated to English suffragettes. They suffered forced feedings and other torments to get English women the right to vote. Our tour guide impressed upon us that we owed them.

Okay, maybe you're not British, a woman. Maybe you're a white guy who takes his rights for granted. Trust me--unless you're a descendent of the people aboard the Mayflower, you shouldn't. And even then, you should wonder.


What can it hurt?



  1. Hi, Seana. I really like this post, and almost completely agree with it. When I read it yesterday I was just going to leave it at that, but there's one thing that has been niggling at me, and I just have to comment on it. I'm troubled by your phrase "the two presidential candidates this year", particularly in light of you starting out with "I'm not telling you how to vote". If you really believe that there are only two presidential candidates this year, I would respectfully request that you reexamine your ballot. :-)


  2. Jeff, thank you for that. I will correct that right now. Anyone reading here past this point--it's not Jeff that's crazy, it's me.