Friday, November 4, 2016

California Ballot Measures

I just voted! And I thought I'd warn the  Californians among you who have yet to look at your ballot that you probably need to carve out a little time for that. There are a lot of measures on the ballot this year, some of them broadly addressing the same topic but from very different points of view. There were also a couple that I personally found a little tricky. So I thought I'd post some links to places you can go to understand them better. I am on the leftie end of the spectrum so I'll post the progressive link, of course, but the others are more neutral. And just for the record, I did not vote straight progressive, although that's as far as I'm going to go with telling you exactly how I did vote.

So without further ado, here is the California  Progressive Voter Guide You can see how various progressive groups weigh in on the different measures and underneath you'll see a short  clear recap of each.

Then I remembered my mom's old favorite, The League of Women Voters, who seem like quite informed people. One thing I like about their list is that they only weigh in on the propositions that relate to issues they study. But they do direct you to a place where you can research the other issues.

That site is Voter's Edge California. I've linked to the first proposition, Prop. 51 just so you can see the layout. I probably found this site the most helpful for the more baffling issues, and that's because toward the bottom of each measure, you will find who contributed to each side and how much. Plus, even further down you will find a link to opinions and analysis on both sides. I thought this was a really illuminating feature.

Finally, I'm going to post to the link to a video by Santa Cruz's very own John Laird. He took the time to give relevant facts on each proposition for about five minutes. Unfortunately, I learned of this after I had filled out my ballot, but I do know  and like John Laird and as some people may find video an easier means to learn from here is John Laird on 17 State Ballot Measures.

Good luck, everyone. And don't forget to


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